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1000 Hectares of farm Land in Edo State

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We have 1000 Hectares of Farmland (bordered by a river for irrigation purpose)for sale. Minimum of 5hectares with payment plan. Property Speculators brings long-term farmland investment opportunities to investors. Building strong, long-lasting relationships is the core to our mission. We builds successful partnerships with other companies in the agricultural industry. We are adding immense and mutual value to our partners.

Depending on your goals and what you intend to do, we may be able to partner with you. We are a property investment platform that provides investors with direct access to farmland we engage in due diligence ,we identify specific farmland opportunities, we then look at all the due diligence items relevant to the specific farm. Our checklist makes sure no stone is left unturned.

This checklist includes security ,soil, water, title, depth of the supporting farming ecosystem, and many more. We work with experienced locals and growers to get a hyperlocal understanding of the property and the surrounding area. We plan to acquire more high quality farmland that offers an attractive risk-adjusted balance of current returns and appreciation potential. We believe our management team’s deep understanding of agribusiness fundamentals and insight into factors affecting the value of farmland allow us to identify properties consistent with our investment criteria.

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